Volume Pills Review Could You Increase Your Load For A More Satisfying Climax?


Hello and welcome to our Volume pills review. In this detailed review we are going to be talking about anything you might want to know about Volume Pills. We are also going to be telling you exactly what they are for.

This is an excellent and very effective semen volume enhancer. If you have never used one you will be truly blown away by the results of this full sack supplement.

Volume pills is the best semen volume pill we have found so far. There are no others on the market to give a huge ejaculation and climax like this pill does.

Are you not happy with the size of your load? Or maybe you just want to have a longer more satisfying climax that takes your breath away? If this is the case then Volume Pills are the right choice for you!

This pill also has some erection enhancing benefits. It does this by increasing blood flow to the penis.

Although this might increase the size of your seminal load it does increase male fertility slightly. There are better options available for boosting male fertility.

If you are serious about using this semen pill you will want to take it daily for at least 3 months to see good results. You will also get a better deal on your order the bigger the package you buy.

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Volume Pills Benefits What Does This Pill Have To Offer?

Volume Pills can be an incredible male supplement that might have a lot more to offer than you might think.

This is made of a unique blend of natural Chinese ingredients so it does take time to start to work. You will need to take this pill daily and make sure not to miss days for the optimal results.

Volume Pills are a real confidence booster for guys that are looking to over double the size of their load. This is possible after taking this pill daily for just a few months.

This semen pills formula works by increasing blood flow to the sex organs. It also boosts testosterone to make your body increase the amounts of cum that it makes.

High levels of testosterone is the key to semen production, without testosterone your body will be unable to produce semen. We have found that Volume Pills work which is rare when looking at male enhancement products.

A boost in testosterone levels will have a positive effect on your energy levels, your erections will be harder and stronger, and you may even find it helps you to keep the body fat low. This supplement improves blood flow this it why you will have harder erections.

They also included ingredients to reduce premature ejaculation. Volume Pills have done this by including in their formula nutrients to reduce stress and anxiety.

The perfect thing about this male enhancement is it uses natural ingredients and gives no side effects. The perfect solution for better sexual performance and improving sperm count.

The Company


The company behind the development and sale of Volume pills is called Leading Edge Health. They are a large company that are responsible for developing many different types of supplements.

This company operates world wide and their products are produced in a few different countries to help them ship worldwide easily.

Volume Pills are one of the best selling supplements that they sell that have became a lot more popular over the years that they have sold it.

The Company Claims

Leading Edge Health Claims that you will have the following gains from taking this cum supplement…

  1. Increase your ejaculate volume up to 500%
  2. Cum like a pornstar
  3. Enjoy a longer more satisfying orgasm
  4. A harder and longer erection
  5. improved virility
  6. Natural ingredients
  7. Doctor approved

All this sounds great we are here to find out if these claims live up to their expectations.

The Volume Pills Ingredients


The Volume Pills ingredients are formulated from a unique set of nutrients many of which we have not seen in other semen enhancers.



This is a trace mineral that is found in the ground zinc is a great supplement for boosting testosterone. If your body has low levels of zinc you will struggle to make any seminal fluid.

Zinc is one of the most common ingredients found in testosterone boosting and male enhancement supplements. You will find this nutrient in almost all mens sex pills. Zinc helps you body to balance your testosterone levels.

If you are taking a supplement including zinc it is advisable to stick to the manufacturers dosage. Supplementing with large amounts of zinc can give adverse side effects.

Rou Gui


This is a form of bark that comes from the cinnamon tree. Rou Gui is an excellent antioxidant that is used for over all health but it also may help to increase blood blow to your sexual organs. This may also help you improve testosterone levels.

If found in a supplement this would be used for improving erections and improving semen production.

Hong Hua Fen


This is a herbal remedy that comes from a plant known as the Safflower plant. Also sometimes known as saffron this is another great herbal remedy used in Chinese medicine for blood flow.

Another great remedy for better erections and semen production & sperm count. 

Emblica Officinalis


Can also be known as Indian gooseberry another great antioxidant. This is a herb or fruit is commonly used in Indian medicine.

This might be used in a supplement to reduce cholesterol and dilate arteries increasing blood flow round the body.

Xian Mao


This nutrient comes from the root of a plant known as the Curculigo Orchioides.

This is used in male supplements to boost testosterone and might also act as an aphrodisiac.

Tian Men Dong (Shatavari)


Tian men dong Can also be known as the asparagus root and may have many different medicinal benefits.

This root can be used for better blood circulation and can promote better erectile function and improved seminal fluid production. Shatavari also improves overall sexual performance and may increase sperm count.

Fucus Vesiculosus


Can also be known as Ku gua this is actually a type of seaweed that has some great benefits. This seaweed is taken from the sea and dried out and used in supplements.

This is said to have very positive effects on the thyroid and this is why it is used in this cum pill.

Ling Zhi (Reishi)

Ling Zhi (Reishi)

The Reishi is actually a type of mushroom. This particular mushroom is used in supplements because its immune system boosting properties.

In recent studies Reishi has been said to help boost semen volume and is said to do this very well. The more you take this the better it is said to work.

As you can see all of these ingredients are 100% natural.

Volume Pills Dosage


When Taking Volume Pills the dosage is a little different than many other supplements that we have used.

This is because it says to take two pills per day, but it also says you can take another 4 on top of those two to give you an extra boost in sperm count for that day.

So if you think you might get lucky that day you can up the dosage to 6 per day for days you might have sex for better sexual performance.

The dosages are written on the box that the pills come in. We advise not going over the stared dosage for this supplement because you may increase the risk of side effects.

Volume Pills Side Effects & Precautions


We have given three different guys the chance to trial Volume Pills for three months. None of these three guys reported any side effects taking this pill every day as instructed by the manufacturer.

If you start to take Volume Pills and you do notice that you are having any sort of side effects you should stop taking the pills immediately and contact your doctor for help & advise.

Volume Pills Pros & Cons

Any supplement no matter how good it might be has its negatives and we are here to let you know what we think they might be.

We are going to talk about the positives we have found about Volume pills too.


  • 67 Day Money back guarantee with any larger order.
  • Bigger discounts when ordering more than a one month supply.
  • Very high success rate with nearly all customers satisfied with their order and their results from this pill.
  • Better reproductive system.
  • Doctor approved.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • All the other reviews we have seen are very positive.
  • Harder erections.


  • You need to take this pill for a while to see good results it takes time to work well.
  • There has been some fake copies of this semen enhancer on the market so make sure you buy it from reliable sources or click any of the links on this page.

What Results Should You Expect From Volume Pills?


As you know we test any product out on people that we can find that want a chance to try out these supplements and we ask them to document their results for us to give you an insight to how they work.

With Volume Pills we gave three guys the chance to try out this product and give us feedback on how it went. These three guy all took Volume Pills for three months and the results are in…

#1st Month

The three guys didn’t have much to report on the first week of using Volume Pills. One guy said on day 5 his erections started to feel like they were slightly stronger.

By the second week all three candidates said that the semen volume had started to increase.

At the end of the first month all three guys said their semen volume had almost doubled and started feeling some longer stronger climaxes.

#2nd Month

The second month and all the candidates reported that there semen volume still increasing. Slightly more every day their load was getting that little bit bigger.

They all reported that the feeling when they ejaculated felt more powerful.

#3rd Month

The third month and all guys said that there erections were stronger they all had higher libido and there sexual desire had increased.

But the thing that all three noticed was the best thing about Volume pills was when they ejaculated it was a completely new overpowering feeling. They all think that taking volume pills

This volume pill increased semen volume to around three times the amount compared to when they first begun to take this pill. They all also noticed they had more energy and drive/motivation we put this down to a rise in testosterone levels.

The manufacturer says that these pills have the power to increase your semen volume up to 500% more we think if you want to see these kind of results you are going to have to take Volume pills for 6+ months.

Results Overview

All three guys were very taken away by the results of this Max Performer supplement and one guy did continue to take Max Performer and ordered himself another 3 month supply.

We found that this pill is great for improving erections, libido but the main result from Volume Pills was that your climax will be strong and your ejaculation volume will over double from what it originally was.

We found that the manufacturer claims were good and we would recommend this pill to anyone who wanted these kind of results.

Volume Pills Testimonials What Do Other People Think Of Volume Pills?

We have searched for other peoples results and testimonials we have also spoken to Leading Edge Health to see if they had any testimonials sent in to them.

We found loads of customer reviews and many other review blogs all about Volume pills. Here are some of what we found…

This testimonial was sent into the company that sells volume pills and was sent in from a guy called Terry.


Another one sent into Leading Edge Health This time from a guy called Miguel.


Finally the last one this one from a guy called Curtis.


We also found some excellent Volume Pills Video reviews telling us in depth how this semen pill worked for them. This video has been done by a guy called Mike.

As you can see there are many other people saying great things about Volume pills and this is just a tiny fraction of what we found.

We think it is important to see what other people are saying about any product to see if it truly is worth buying.

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Volume Pills Shipping Details & Order Process


We are going to explain the shipping details and order process for Volume Pills so you have a rough idea how it all works and how quickly you will receive your order.

This guide is from ordering these from the official website.

Shipping is possible worldwide with Volume Pills but depending on where you live in the world you may be charged a small shipping fee on your order.

All orders are sent in plain packaging so your order is discreet and no one will know what you have ordered when you receive your package.

when making your purchase there are a few different options available these are…

  • PayPal
  • PayPal Express
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Phone call order
  • Fax order

So which ever way you feel is best for you they have it covered.

How Much Does Volume Pills Cost?


The cost does vary when ordering Volume Pills because the larger the order you make the better deal you get. The Volume Pills price is…

  1. One month supply – $65
  2. Three month supply – $160
  3. Six month supply – $250
  4. 1 year supply – $348.95

As you can see by the price list above the bigger the package the more savings you make so its best to order in one bulk to get the best deal.

Where Can I Buy Volume Pills?

You can buy Volume Pills from a few different places such as amazon, and even some retail shops like GNC, & Walmart.

There has been some fake copies that have been sold online so we always will buy direct from the official website when ordering online.

(Help & advise – We recommend buying at least a 3 months supply for a better price on your order.)

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Volume Pills Discount Codes

There are currently no discount codes available for Volume Pills but the company does do online promotions and adds coupon codes to their orders.

If they add a voucher code to give you a bigger discount we will receive an email to let us know and we will add it to this review.

The Bottom Line


In this Volume Pills Review we have looked at all the positives and negatives for this sexual enhancement product and we are pleased with the results from this pill. This enhancement pill is 100 natural and perfect for improving a males reproductive system.

Volume pills work and certainly boost testosterone levels in men.

Even trialed Volume Pills on three different guys and they all only had good things to say about it. We have ranked this as our no. #1 semen enhancer better ejaculation volume pills in 2021.

If you want to take pills volume pills are an excellent choice of enhancement pills.

Thank you for taking the time to read our review.