VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Review 2021 Can This Pill Boost Male Fertility?


This is our review on Vigrx Fertility Factor 5!

Are you trying, or thinking of trying for a child but you want the best chance possible of this working? Life is not always plain sailing and sometimes a guy may need a little help to boost male productive health.

The developers claim that this all natural sperm supplement can promote fertility in men of all ages. This daily supplement can give up to 65% better semen quality. This sperm pill has also been said to hugely increase sperm count within just three months of taking supplement daily.

Not only is this pill is aimed at better male fertility, but it also improves mens sexual performance and has positive effects on libido.

Vigrx Fertility Factor Five is formulated from 5 main natural ingredients. These ingredients are aimed at boosting testosterone and promoting mens reproductive health.

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Vigrx Fertility Factor 5 Benefits What Does This Pill Have To Offer?

This fertility supplement can be a very useful pill to give you and your partner the best chance to conceive. With added micronutrients that are packed full of goodness to improve your sperm quality and sperm count.

If you are suffering with a low sperm count, or male infertility problems then vigrx fertility factor 5 can certainly help you start a family.

This natural male fertility supplement has been said to also improve male libido, boosts semen production & volume, improves sperm morphology & also has a positive effect on sperm motility.

The manufacturers say that the 5 key ingredients included in this pill have been clinically proven to boost male fertility without the risk of any side effects.

This supplement works by boosting testosterone and concentrates on semen quality so you are getting the most from every ejaculation.

The Company


We took a close look into the company that develops and sells this semen enhancer. The company is called “Leading Edge Health” and they have a very wide range of different supplements. They also produce two different semen pills which are also very popular.

The Company Claims

Leading Edge Health claim that using this supplement will give you the following benefits…

  1. Improve Sperm Morphology, or Shape,
  2. Improve Sperm Count,
  3. Increase your Semen Volume,
  4. Enhance your Libido,
  5. Boosted Sperm Motility, or Movement.

Vigrx Fertility Factor 5 Ingredients


When we look into a supplement like this we think one of the most important elements is to look at the formulation. We have looked into the formula for Vigrx fertility factor 5 and we have found some excellent nutrients.

The formula that is included in this semen pill could really have the potential to make this supplement something special. Lets take a close look into each individual ingredient in this sperm supplement..


This is a trace metal that normally comes from the food that we eat. Zinc is an essential element that all men need for sperm production.

A zinc deficiency can be the reason why men can become infertile or have unhealthy sperm health. Supplementing with zinc can help replenish your semen health, boost libido and increase testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali LJ100

This nutrient comes from extract from the root of the eurycoma longifolia plant. This is one of the best nutrients for improving male reproductive health and has been clinically proven.

LJ100 will help with increasing semen volume, better sperm movement, and shape, enhanced sexual function, and will boost libido.

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This nutrient Bioperine is a patented extract from black pepper. This particular nutrient speeds up the bioavailability of other nutrients meaning this will help all the other nutrients become more effective.

Information backed by a trusted source – (2)


Selenium is a trace mineral that is normally found in oysters, brazil nuts, and liver. Selinium has been tested and proven to promote healthy sperm health. This trace mineral is sure to boost male fertility and helps to protect sperm quality.

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Panax Ginseng

This nutrient comes from the root of a plant called Korean red ginseng. This nutrient may help act as a natural solution to improve erections for men that suffer with erectile dysfunction.

Panax Ginseng is said to also improve male libido & sperm health so a great choice of nutrient in this particular supplement.

The Dosage


The recommended dosage for Vigrx Fertility Factor Five Is just one pill per day. The recommended dosage is clearly written on the back of the VigRX Fertility Factor Five bottle.

The company do not specify what time of day to take this fertility pill but most guys take it first thing in the morning with breakfast.

The important thing when using this fertility booster supplement is to not miss out days or skip days because the nutrients wont be as effective.

The manufacturers claim that it takes a minimum of 30 days of taking this every day for this pill to get to work.

VigRx Fertility Factor Five Side Effects & Precautions


We have tested out this supplement on one guy that was trying for a baby with his partner and through out the whole time he was using this pill he claimed to not experience any side effects at all.

We have also found other reviews on the internet and could not find any guys saying they had experienced any side effects.

However if you do think after taking this pill you are experiencing any sort of side effects I would contact your doctor immediately.

VigRX Fertility Factor Five Pro’s & Con’s


Like all of the supplements that we review, we know that no supplement is perfect so we like to take a look at the pros and cons.


  • This company offers a 67 day money back guarantee if the pills don’t work.
  • This pill is developed by the manufacturers of the very popular and very effective Vigrx male enhancement pill.
  • This pill is formulated from all natural ingredients.
  • These particular nutrients are good for your health.
  • Produced in the USA and The UK.
  • When you buy the three month package and bigger you will make some nice savings on your order.
  • This supplement can be used along side other erection boosting male enhancement pills.


  • This supplement is quite expensive especially if you buy it one month at a time.
  • It takes time to work the manufacturers recommend at least 30 days before it will be effective.
  • This male fertility pill is not available to buy in the stores you can only purchase online.

What Results Should You Expect?


Ok one looking into the results on this type of supplement we are obviously looking to see if this supplement helps you to reproduce.

So what we did was searched for guys that were trying to have a baby with their partner which was actually pretty hard to find.

Especially when most couples don’t actually want to say if they are trying for a child.

Anyway we found a guy called Mark and he took this supplement daily for just short of three months an his partner became pregnant this was after almost a year of trying previously and almost going down the road of trying through IVF.

So Mark was so pleased that he trialed this supplement for us before going down that road and successfully put a bun in the oven using Vigrx Fertility Factor Five.

So Marks end result was just the kind of success story we were looking for!!

Vigrx Fertility Factor Five Shipping Details & Order Process


We are going to tell you about our personal experience with the shipping details and the order process so you know what to expect. We are based in the UK so depending where you are from it may vary slightly. Shipping was free of charge and your order is received in plain packaging so no one can see what you have purchased.

When making your order there are some different payment options available these are…

  • Paypal,
  • Secure bank card transaction,
  • Telephone payment,
  • Secure credit card transaction,
  • Paypal express,
  • Fax payment.

As you can see there are a variety of options available to suit all type of online buyers.

How Much Does It Cost?


The cost of this mens probiotic does vary depending on how many bottles you buy. If you buy 1 month supplies separately it will cost you quite a bit more than buying a larger order. The prices are as follows…

  • 1 bottle which is a one month supply is – $59.95
  • 3 bottle or a three month supply is – $159.95
  • 6 bottles or six month supply is – $299.95

So it is hard to know what order to buy because you don’t obviously know how long it will take to work. We recommend the 3 month supply as it takes around 30 days for the supplement to work. And you will still make great savings on your order.

Where Can You Buy VigRX Fertility Factor Five?

If you want to buy Vigrx Fertility Factor 5 it is only for sale online. This product is available from a few different websites. If you want to buy it from the best place for the cheapest price you are better off buying it from the official manufacturers website which is…

Buy Now From The Official VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Website

Fertility Factor 5 Discount Codes

There is currently no discount codes or coupon codes available for this product. The company do sometime offer discount weekends or special offers but they only last for a limited time.

If they release any discount codes we will be sure to update this review and add them when available.

The Bottom Line

We rated this supplement as an excellent choice in our top three recommended semen pills. This is a great choice of pill to help couples get pregnant. With around 40% of fertility issues being down to the man this is an option to take a look at before giving up completely.

We found this pill to improve sperm count, sperm motility, helps to boost male libido and sex drive, and also even increases sperm volume. All in all a great product that does exactly what the manufacturer claims.