Semenax Review 2021 Can This Sperm Volumizer pill Actually Boost Climax Intensity and Virility?


In this Semenax Review we are going to take you through the nitty gritty truths about this product.

Our main goal is to see if this supplement actually works! As only very small amount of male enhancement pills are even worth trying these days.

Semenax has the power to increase your load to give you a huge load, with a great climax, boost your energy levels, and improve your sperm quality, helping guys to be more fertile. If you and your partner are trying for a baby this may be the perfect supplement for you.

Semen volume pills target male testosterone production. Testosterone plays a key role in how your body produces semen and sperm. Semenax works in exactly the same way with a unique formula.

Semenax Benefits What Does This Pill Have To Offer?


This male supplement has some great benefits. You will probably be surprised at the results if you take the time to take it daily.

Although Semenax is formulated from natural ingredients it sure does pack a punch!

This cum pill has the power to transform your sex life and really does boost sexual confidence.

Your climax intensity will go through the roof after using this semen enhancer for a continued amount of time.

Semenax works by increasing energy and testosterone. therefore it may also improve blood flow to your sexual organs this will help to improve virility and erection quality.

When ever we look into any supplement like this one we look at the ingredients very carefully. We want to know if it has the possibility to be as effective as the manufacturer claims.

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The Company

The manufacturers and producers for Semenax Is called “Leading Edge Health” they are a large company that produce all different types of supplements in an FDA approved facility.

They ship their products worldwide and have a few different facility’s that produce their products.

The Company Claims

“Leading Edge Health” claim that you will get the following benefits from taking Semenax…

  1. Better semen production.
  2. A Longer more satisfying climax.
  3. Greater pleasure.
  4. Long term results.
  5. Try this product risk free for 67 days.

This all sounds very good and exactly what we are looking for in a semen enhancer pill but we wanted to know whether this was all true like the manufacturer says.

The Semenax Ingredients


The formula included in Semenax is a good one we think that this is what makes Semenax work as well as it does.

Maca Root

This is the root from a root vegetable called Maca. This is a very popular supplement ingredient that has many different uses.

Maca can act as a very effective sexual performance enhancer it does this by boosting energy, and stamina. This nutrient has also been said to give mental clarity and focus.

Tribulus Terrestris

This is a key ingredient used in many testosterone booster pills. It has been recognised as a natural testosterone booster nutrient.

Better testosterone in men leads to better semen and sperm production.

Avena Sativa

Another name for Avena Sativa is wild oats. This is said to reduce cholesterol and may lower blood pressure.

So this is a great nutrient for erection improvement and blood flow to the testicles helping to increase sperm production.

Horny Goat Weed

Also known as Epimedium this is a herbal remedy that comes from the dried out leaves of the epimedium plant. This has been very widely used over the years as an aphrodisiac.

This herbal extract is taken to make you feel horny it also improves blood flow, stamina, & energy.

Some studies have indicated that this herb can reduce ED in men. Horny Goat Weed is said to be a great all rounder for sexual improvement and confidence.

Vitamin E

This vitamin Vitamin E is one to help boost heart health and helps to keep your immune system working well. Studies show that vitamin E promotes sperm motility.

This vitamin also promotes blood flow to the male sex organs improving erection quality and helps your body create more semen.

This helps you to have a larger seminal load when you ejaculate.

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Swedish Flower Pollen

Swedish flower pollen or can be known as bee pollen. This has some excellent benefits the important thing that we are going to look at when talking about bee pollen is that it is said may increase testosterone levels.

Giving guys more energy and higher levels of testosterone means a bigger cum load and also improves male libido.

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Butea Superba

This nutrient is extracted from the root of the vine plant. Butea Superba is great for reducing erectile dysfunction in men and has the power to increse male libido.

This ingredient helps to give you more desire for sex with your partner.


This trace metal that is well known in supplements, especially for its testosterone boosting properties.

This nutrient is used in almost all the testosterone boosting supplements on the market.

Information checked and approved – (3)


This nutrient is similar to an amino-acid also found in weight loss supplements because when taken by mouth it converts fat into energy.

L-carnitine has also been found to promote healthy heart and brain functions giving you mental clarity and better blood flow to the thyroid promoting testicular health.


This nutrient is an essential amino acid. This means that your body needs it to survive and can not produce it on its own. So you need to get this essential amino acid from the foods you eat.

Supplementing with this particular micronutrient is thought to be good for balancing hormones and reduces problems with the reproductive systems.

It is also said to be good for the immune system and helps your body to absorb zinc, calcium, and iron more efficiently which is great for testosterone levels.

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Pine Bark Extract

Maritime Pine Bark Extract is you guessed it the bark from a tree.

This nutrient has many uses and works by improving athletic performance, may improve blood flow and circulation improving male erection strength and promote healthy sperm production.


This is another useful bark from a tree that is made into medicine. This particular medicine first came from Brazil. Catuaba is well known for being an aphrodisiac great for boosting libido.

For more information – (5)


This nutrient come from the root of a climber plant. It is said to increase the bioavailability of other micronutrients.

It has been said that it may increase testosterone levels. For this reason it is used in many testosterone booster supplements, but these claims have never been backed up or proven.

Information checked and approved by trusted source -(6)

Hawthorne Berry

The Hawthorne berry is a small red berry that is completely packed with antioxidants. This is a popular choice in male enhancement supplements.

These are used to increase blood flow and relaxing the blood vessels improving mens sexual health. It is said this berry is perfect for improving erections, and helping you to go for longer in the bedroom.

Pumpkin Seed

This seed is exactly what you think its the seeds from the inside of the popular halloween fruit. The seeds from pumpkins are actually a great choice for a male enhancement supplement.

The main reason that semenax includes pumpkin seeds in the ingredients is because they are said to increase testosterone levels. This is the main way to boost semen production is to boost testosterone.

Semenax Dosage


The dosage when taking Semenax is very straight forward. The dosage instructions are written on the bottle and are very simple. The manufacturer says to take 4 capsules per day.

Some guys say that for best results it is better to take two in the morning and two at night before bed.

We found that you can just take all four at the same time and it didn’t seem to make much difference.

We advise not to go over the manufacturers recommended dose. This is because you may encounter side effects as some of the included nutrients are already high in strength.

Semenax Side Effects and Precautions


Having tested, trialed, and researched Semenax online and looked through many other reviews.

We could not find any guys that have had any adverse side effects from taking Semenax daily for months or even over a year.

one guy did get the chance to test out Semenax that was trying for a baby with their partner. This particular guy used semenax daily for three months an had no side effects what so ever.

Taking too much zinc can lead to many side effects for more info – (7)

Semenax Pros & Cons


Just like every supplement on the market they are not perfect there there can be flaws and we are here to talk about them.

So in this part of our Semenax review were going to talk about the Semenax Pros & Cons…


  • Improves male reproductive health by boosting semen production and sperm count.
  • The company offer a 67 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with results.
  • This pill includes natural ingredients that are not bad for your health.
  • Doctor endorsed supplement for improving mens sexual health.
  • Reduce premature ejaculations, improve erection strength, as well as increase semen load.
  • The company offer great deals on the larger orders.


  • This semen volumizer pill does take time to work it is a daily supplement not a one pill fix.
  • It can be fairly expensive especially if you only buy one bottle at a time.
  • There has been some bad copies that have been made of this pill so be sure to purchase this product from the official Semenax website.

What Results Should You Expect From Semenax?


When looking into supplements we only think it’s fair to try them out for ourselves, or let someone else try them. This is to find out how they really work..

We think it is the only way to really find out if they work, to have a real persons opinion on how it worked for them. So here is the results from a guy that tested out Semenax.

Results documented and written by John Ruse.

#1st Month

The first month of using Semenax were slower than I anticipated although my erections improved after around the second week. By around week three i couldn’t actually see much difference in my sperm volume to tell if it was any more than normal.

But the feeling when I ejaculated started to feel a lot more exciting and seemed to last a bit longer.

#2nd Month

The second month was actually something I personally didn’t expect!

I didn’t think much else would change, but I carried on taking the pills every day and my ejaculation volume increased this month by a lot through out the second month and the feeling when I ejaculated was really great.

#3rd Month

The 3rd month and my partner had fallen pregnant after us trying for quite some time before taking Semenax. We were both so pleased, and Glad that we took the time to try a supplement like this!!

To let you guys know My semen volume was at least three times the amount by the end of the third month and the feeling of ejaculation was quite intense to say the least.

Some times It felt like I cum twice in a row. Semenax also improved erections and helped me last longer every time I had sex.

Results Overview

So these are Johns results from using Semenax for three months. We think his personal results were fantastic, and compared to many other semen pills that we have trialed this was a diamond in the rough.

Testimonials What Do Other People Think Of Semenax?

So we searched the web for other reviews on Semenax and testimonials from real customers. We also reached out to the manufacturer to see if they have also received any customer reviews.

This one was sent into Leading Edge Health about Semenax from a customer…


This was another testimonial sent in explaining how using Semenax went for them…

We also found a great Semenax video review explaining more details about this pill and how the results went.

Great feed back on Semenax and how it worked for other guys. Looking at other customer reviews is a great way to find out what other peoples experience went.

Semenax Shipping Details & Order Process


Now we are going to give you a detailed explanation of the shipping details and order process. This is to help you make your order and to make it as simple as possible for you.

When we ordered Semenax we ordered it from the Semenax official website which is your safest bet to make sure your getting the genuine product.

This order process and buyers guide is based on buying from the official website.

Shipping is available worldwide so you can buy it and get it shipped to any country. The charges can vary slightly depending on where you live in the world and you may have to pay a small shipping fee. Although free global shipping is available on all the larger packages starting from the three month supply.

Every single order without fail is sent out in plain packaging so it is discreet, and no one will know what you have ordered.

There are quite a few different payment options available when you buy Semenax these are…

  • Debit card payment
  • Credit card payment
  • Paypal
  • Paypal Express
  • Fax Order
  • Phone Call Orders

So what ever payment option suits you personally there is different options to choose from.

How Much Does Semenax Cost?


The prices can vary when you buy Semenax and this all depends what package you order the more you order at once the better savings you will make. The prices and deals available are…

  1. Single month supply – $59.95
  2. Three month supply – $154.95
  3. Six month supply – $289.95
  4. One year supply – $399.95

So its simple to work out that the larger the package you order the better price you will pay. So if you are planning to use semenax long term its best to order all together to save yourself money.

Where Can I Buy Semenax?

You can find Semenax available from a few different retailers such as Amazon, GNC & Walmart. We always advise buying these types of products from the Semenax official website if buying online to avoid scams.

(Help & Advise – It is recommended to buy at least a three month supply for free shipping and a better deal on your order.)

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Semenax Discount Codes

Currently we could not find any coupon codes or discount codes available for Semenax so the best deal you will get is if you order a larger package.

Leading Edge Health do sometimes release voucher codes for limited amounts of time and we will be notified and add them to our review if this happens.

The Bottom Line


We are pleased to say after reviewing and taking a close look at Semenax we have added it to the top list of semen pills. This was one of the most effective semen enhancers we have found on the market.

Semenax are an excellent choice for boosting semen volume and male fertility in men of all ages.

Thank you for reading our in depth review we hope it helps.