How To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels Backed By Science..

On this post Im going to be showing you natural ways that anyone could follow to naturally boost testosterone!

Testosterone Is a male hormone that many men worry about including me! Testosterone in particular is a tricky one to get your head round because it is linked to building muscle, bone mass, producing semen and is also a sex hormone linked with male libido.

There are so many so called quick remedies to build testosterone fast online but so many of them don’t work at all.. and many are not as fast as they are made out to be.

To get a better idea on testosterone production I did my research and tested some very highly talked about testosterone booster supplements.

I also took a good look into what might reduce your testosterone levels to let you guys know what would be better to stay away from if your trying to increase T-levels.

What Is Testosterone & Why Is It So Important?

If your looking for ways to naturally produce more testosterone its better to understand exactly what testosterone is an how it works in the body.

Testosterone is a the male sex hormone that is vital for mens sex drive, semen production and also vital for the production of muscle and bone mass. When men get older our testosterone levels naturally get lower or the amount our body produces reduces.

Testosterone also regulates how man store fat in the body so when your testosterone levels reduce with age this can be the cause of the classic “Dad Bod”. Testosterone is found in a woman’s body too but in much smaller amounts than a mans.

What Might You Find If Your Testosterone Levels Are Low?

Like I said before Testosterone is a vital hormone so it wouldn’t come as a shock to you guys that if your testosterone levels are low you will find your body doesn’t work as it should do.

Some of the symptoms that you may find with low testosterone levels might be..

  1. Low sex drive (libido),
  2. Low Energy levels,
  3. Changes in mood,
  4. Low ejaculation volume,
  5. fast loss of muscle mass,
  6. Unable to build muscle,
  7. Weak more fragile bones,
  8. Low strength,
  9. Sudden weight gain with no change in diet or exercise.

It has been said that low testosterone levels in men can sometimes lead to heart related issues, and high cholesterol. There is no hard scientific evidence to back this up.

If you are worried that you might be suffering with low testosterone it is best to seek medical advise from your doctor.

Are There Unnatural Ways To Boost Testosterone?

Yes there are a number of ways you can use actual testosterone but unless it it prescribed by a doctor it is illegal. There are testosterone injections, creams, gels and patches available from a doctor if you need help with a diagnosed problem. It is a lot safer obviously trying to produce more naturally.

Is low Testosterone Something A Guy Should Worry About?

Low testosterone levels are simply not great news for anyone. Unless you are feeling any symptoms similar to the list above there is probably nothing to worry about. The older you are the less testosterone your body will produce.

When we are younger around puberty and in our twenties your body will naturally produce more testosterone.

As a man gets older your body just wont produce as much testosterone. This is why supplementing can help bring your testosterone levels back up.

Are There Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone?

Well this is the good news, there absolutely is ways to naturally produce more testosterone. One of the best ways to naturally produce more testosterone is to take supplements. You have to know what are the best key ingredients for boosting testosterone.

This is so you know what key ingredients to look for when looking for a good supplement.

Health Stacked Nutritions Ultimate Guide To Naturally Producing More Testosterone

Some of the natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost testosterone are…


Zinc does boost testosterone levels but normally only works well if the person supplementing with it has a zinc deficiency and that is the main cause of the low testosterone levels. It is also proven to improve sex drive, libido and improve male fertility.

Although studies have shown that men who took 30ml of zinc per day showed improved testosterone levels in a trial of 30 days. Study source (1) Zinc is an essential mineral that your body needs to function properly.

Vitamin D

It has been known for years that vitamin d improves fertility and testosterone. You can supplement vitamin d or you can get it from the sun so people who live in hot countries normally get enough of it.


Creatine if you have not heard of it before is very popular in the body building world. Supplementing with Creatine is a quick source of energy and is also said to help increase muscle growth and improve strength as well as boosting testosterone up to 25%. Another thing to note about creatine is it does not give any adverse side effects and is safe to take.


Magnesium is a natural trace element that your body needs to function properly. If you are somebody that suffers from magnesium deficiency the supplementing with it will boost testosterone levels. If your body already produces enough of it then it wont do much for you.

It is known that you can loose magnesium through sweating so some athletes who constantly train and sweat a lot supplement with it to replenish Magnesium levels.

You Can Lift Heavy Weights to Boost Testosterone

If you lift heavy weights it will boost testosterone, it is said if you are using at least 95% of your strength when weight lifting it will boost testosterone levels in the body.

Hiit Workouts Boost Testosterone

HIIT workouts with just 30 seconds to 1 minute breaks in between is shown to boost testosterone levels.

Be careful not to over do it because you can loose testosterone if you are doing HIIT workouts without the short breaks in between.

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