Max Performer Review Could This Sex Pills Results Boost your Sexual Performance Beyond Your Expectations?


Hi Guys and welcome to Health Stacked Nutritions Max Performer Review.

Remember when you were younger, when you had erections in random situations for no reason and even if you shut your dick in the door of the fridge it still wouldn’t go down. 

Age unfortunately is something that creeps up on all of us, most guys at some point in life are going to have trouble getting a rock hard dick I can assure you, you are not alone.

If you are on this page we are going to have to assume that you are looking for some kind of sexual performance enhancer pill but you only want the best! Max performer is that needle in the haystack that you have been looking for.

These days the search for a decent male enhancement pill is not a fun job. For starters there are thousands of these types of pills and not many actually work very well. Even worse there are so many online scammers that are going to get in your way of you just finding the one decent pill you have been searching for.

This is where we have done the ground work for you guys to find the best male enhancement pills that work so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time and money.

Max Performer What Benefits Does This Pill Offer?

Max performer has a lot to offer and we have found it to be the most effective male enhancement pill on the market that really packs a punch! 

Unfortunately like every male enhancement pill that is formulated from natural ingredients they will take time to work. You will need to take Max Performer daily to see the optimal benefits. 

The ingredients In this sex tablet for men are high in strength. We think this is what makes this sex tablet stand out from the crowd.  

This natural mens sex pill concentrates on improving male erections! Max Performer is by far the best natural erection pill for giving the user a stronger fuller and larger erection. 

This male performance pill also has a positive effect on male libido, boosts your energy levels, increases sexual stamina and bedroom performance. This little blue pill also unlike many of the other male enhancement pills improves male ejaculation volume.

This sex tablet will slightly increase your seminal load to give you a more satisfying sexual experience. Max Performer also boosts testosterone levels in men this helps with sexual performance and also has a positive effect on natural muscle growth.

When we look at sex pills like this we look at the effectiveness. We also take a close look at if they may cause side effects or any negative health issues.

Max Performer was incredibly effective and was the best sex pill without side effects that we have trialed so far. We found this product to be most effective after three plus months of taking this pill daily.

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The Company 

We looked into the company that is responsible for the development and sale for Max Performer. The company is called Silver Blade Brands and is based in London in the UK. They do still offer distribution of their product to most of the world.

The company is a growing company that now produces Max Performer in the UK and the USA. Produced and shipped from two different facilities due to the fast growing popularity of Max Performer.

The Company claims 

 Silver Blade Brands Claims for using their male enhancement pill you will receive the following benefits. 

  1. A harder, larger, and stronger erection, 
  2. Boosted Libido, 
  3. Better sexual stamina, 
  4. Overall sexual satisfaction,
  5. The ability to satisfy your partner every time you have sex.

The Max Performer Ingredients 


One of the first things we noticed when we started to look at this sex pill was the high strength of the ingredients. 

Silver Blade Brands have made sure that the strengths of the included ingredients are high in strength. This is to make this pill more effective than many other male enhancement pills that are available on the market.

The high strength ingredients that are included in Max Performer to make this pill a unique and effective male enhancement pill are…

Horny Goat Weed [1000mg]


Horny Goat Weed or also commonly known as Epimedium. A very popular plant that has been extracted and has been used for its male sexual performance benefits for years in Chinese medicine.

It has been proven that Horny Goat Weed is one of the best natural PDE5 Inhibitors available over the counter.

This means it works in a similar way to viagra making it perfect for use in male supplements. This makes this plant extract an excellent erection booster for men with ed.

Info source [1]

Cordyceps [1000mg]


This ingredient Cordyceps is actually a fungus. Just like a mushroom found only in high altitudes. This is a popular alternative treatment for many different uses.

The main thing we like about cordyceps for male enhancement is that it helps to increase blood flow. When taken regularly it helps the blood flow to the penis and can give your penis a bigger and fuller look when erect.

This makes this particular nutrient very popular in male supplements. Cordyceps is said to boost erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction. This extract also improves mens erections when they are already functional. It may also boost testosterone in men helping with semen volume and boosts energy. You may also use cordyceps for lifting your mood.

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Korean Red Ginseng [1000mg]


Korean Red Ginseng is a tree root extract. This nutrient is another really good choice for male enhancement. Korean Red Ginseng is perfect for improving phycological erectile dysfunction.

It helps to raise your mood improve your memory and has been proven to give guys anywhere up to a 60% improvement in erectile function.



Selenium is an essential mineral you get tiny traces from the food that you eat.

This is great for boosting your immune system and helps to increase male semen production. It is also good for women to supplement with to help boost female fertility.

Selenium is a good nutrient in a supplement as long as the dosage is right high dosages of selenium has been known to give some side effects.

Maca [1000mg]


The ingredient Maca is extracted from the root of a vegetable. This is a kind of potato from the radish family. Maca is an antioxidant even eating the vegetable is good for you.

Supplementing with Maca for male enhancement is good for boosting stamina and performance. Maca is also another good nutrient for reducing cholesterol and boosting male erectile function.



Bioperine is an extract from black pepper. It helps to speed up the absorption of the other ingredients helping them be more effective in smaller dosages.

It helps to speed up your metabolism and brake down fat as well.



Zinc is a trace metallic this is found in the food that we eat. It comes from the earth that grows our food.

Zinc can boost testosterone levels, and increase semen volume giving you a more pleasurable ejaculation.

Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 or also known as Cyanocobalamin is a B vitamin. It helps to keep your energy up is good for your normal bodily functions.

The human body finds it very difficult to absorb much is this nutrient so the bioperine helps to increase the bioavailability of this vitamin helping your body absorb more of it than is normally possible.

The Max Performer Dosage 


The Max Performer Dosage is written on the back of the Max Performer box. It says to take two pills per daily dose. Some guys say that they find it better to take one in the morning and one in the evening.

We tried this and we found it didn’t seem to make much difference. So it’s up to you if you space out the dose or take them both at the same time.

It is a good idea how ever to have a week brake from this supplement every three months of taking it daily.

The main thing about Max Performer pills is that you dont forget to take it as instructed. Try not to miss taking it because the pills will not be as effective once they build up in your system you will really take advantage of the results.

Max Performer Side Effects And Precautions 


We have tested Max performer on three people and no side effects were reported. It is safe to say that this sex pill does not give any unwanted side effects. We have heard of guys supplementing with Max Performer in excess of a year and still reported no side effects.

If you do suspect that you might be having side effects from Max Performer you should stop taking the pill immediately and contact your doctor.

Max Performer contains some ingredients that increase blood flow so if you are due to have any kind of surgery it is best to stop taking this pill for up to a week before your surgery is due.

Max Performer Pros & Cons 


Like any other supplement although this is the best supplement of its kind Max Performer has its pros and cons. In our reviews we are very transparent about any flaws a supplement may have. We are also going to look at the Max Performer benefits.


  • Max Performer offer a 100 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your results.
  • This company offers huge discounts when ordering the larger packages.
  • The supplement has a huge success rate with more than 95% of customers completely satisfied with their own results.
  • When you order Max Performer shipping costs are free of charge.
  • Many of the nutrients included in the sex pill for men are scientifically backed and have been proven to be effective.
  • We have searched through many of the other reviews and seen that 99% of all the reviews are very positive. Many websites say this is the best pill they have used.


  • You will have to take this supplement daily to see good results its not an instant fix.
  • This product is only for sale on the Max Performer website.

What Results Should You Expect From Max Performer?


We tested out Max Performer on three guys and documented the results. All three men that tested out this sex product had excellent things to say about Max Performers results. We are now going to let you know what to expect when using this pill yourself. All three guys stuck to the manufacturers dosage while documenting the results.

We can tell you now that Max Performer gives some of the best results from a male enhancement pill that we have ever seen.

#1st Month

All three candidates said for the first few days of taking Max Performer there wasn’t much to report. They all said around day three they started noticing subtle differences. The first thing that all three guys seemed to notice was a slight boost in energy. A spring in their step as well as a better erection at around one week of using the pill.

By the 3rd to 4th week of taking this male supplement the erections were getting strong and you can really start to realise this pill is doing a great job.

#2nd Month

Month two and all candidates reported that their libido was excellent and they had more desire for sex. This is when they all said they were feeling more confident about sex and that there parters were also greatly pleased. Erections at the end of two months are strong and much more frequent.

#3rd Month

The beginning of the third month reports of better more powerful ejaculations and rock hard erections. By the end of the third month they reported a larger fuller looking penis and a harder, longer and thicker erection which they said was much more satisfying for all partners.

Your libido will be very high and your confidence will get a real boost two of the three bought Max Performer for them selves after this 3 month trial and continued taking this pill.

Results Overview

The candidates that we found all had a mild ED or struggled with maintaining an erection. They all said that this Max Performer hugely improved their erections and is perfect for guys with erectile dysfunction.

So all three candidates were very pleased with this sex performance enhancer. The pills kicked in at slightly different times for all of them so we found the timings are slightly different in everyone.

They all reported the same results and positives from taking this supplement so this tells us Max Performer works very effectively. We are giving Max Performer A thumbs up!

Max Performer Testimonials And What Other People Think About This Product

We have searched the web and even spoken to the developers at Max Performer for any testimonials we found so many. Here are just a hand full of the ones we found…

This one has come from another review website which has been written by a guy called James.


This next Max Performer testimonial is written by a guy called Christian.


This testimonial was sent in by Daniel.


These have all been sent in by real guys that have tried Max Performer 1st hand. As you can see they are all pleased with Max Performer and have great things to say about it.

We also found a great video on the results from a guy called Adam thats tried this product…

As you can see some great information for you about how Max Performer works for different people. Very satisfied customers and as you all know the public does not lie about products they have bought. After just a few months of using this male enhancement product and the results are second to none.

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Max Performer Shipping Details & Order Process 


Now we are going to talk about the shipping details and order process for Max Performer. Max Performers shipping is free of charge for any package. How ever there is a choice to pay for express shipping which speeds up your order slightly.

There are some different options that you can choose from when buying your Max Performer order.

  • Paypal
  • Paypal Express
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards

All payments are safe and secure.

How Much Does Max Performer Cost?


If you want to buy Max Performer first of all however you will need to choose which package you would like to order. There is a choice of three different packages. The bigger the package you buy the more you save.

  • 1 months supply – $69
  • 3 months supply – $138
  • 6 months supply – $200

As you can see the bigger package you order the cheaper it is per box. Each single box is a one month or 30 day supply.

Where Can You Buy Max Performer?

This mens sex tablet is only available from the official website. You can not purchase Max Performer from amazon, GNC or Walmart.

The company sells only from their website to stop fake copies being produced and sold and to make buying this product safer to buy than a lot of the others.

Max performer works best if taken for at least 3 months daily if your looking for the most from this pill and and want to save money we advise buying the 3 or six month supply.

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Max Performer Discount Codes

We have searched for Max Performer discount codes and contacted the manufacturers to find you the best discount code available. The best Max Performer discount available allows you to save a further 10% on your order.

You need to go to the Max Performer website and add “EVERYDAYERECTIONS” Into the Max Performer coupon code box. After its written in click add and you will get an extra 10% discount on any order.

The Bottom Line 

We have looked at Max Performer very carefully and can not ignore the benefits this pill has to offer. It is becoming more and more common for guys to get diagnosed with mild or full erectile dysfunction.

Finding a natural solution that works as well as Max Performer is something we never expected to find.

This little blue pill is a supplement but it has been carefully produced. The strong ingredients help to make it work as effectively as it does.

Try it out for your self you actually have nothing to loose after all if your not happy with the results you can get a full refund for up to 100 days.