About Health Stacked Nutrition…

Hey guys, and welcome to Health Stacked Nutrition! My name is Darren Im a Dad to a beautiful little girl and a general builder for work.

Over the last few years I have really started thinking about improving my lifestyle choices and concentrating on my health, exercise and a clean diet.

Before then I have been constantly yo-yoing to different diets such as juice plus, Herbalife and various other meal replacements cutting calories but way too fast. This just ended up with me going to the gym on an off but found myself fatigued very quickly and hating exercise.

This is my blog which is going to hopefully help guide you in the right direction the first time!

Im going to be looking into ways that I have personally found help you improve your lifestyle, health and help you to improve your nutritional intake. Along with great exercise tips that I found work better for someone that is just starting out.

After all “health is wealth” which has taken me many years to actually realise.. I want you guys to realise your body is important and you should try to look after it, even if you change one thing at a time at your own pace some progress is better than none.

Im going to be talking about my personal journey to getting fitter losing weight and eating healthy but also finding that healthy balance!

These days we have a lot of social media telling us that you can get ripped in a week or a month but in reality its is simply just not that easy! Its a long road so for me it is all about sustainability.

In this blog i’m going to show you guys how to track calories realistically. I can teach you tips and tricks on how to resist those nasty cravings for junk food. Also how to balance your exercise and diet helping you with lifestyle choices to help you personally improve your life!